Quasar brings Window Manager multitasking on Jailbroken iPads


Quasar has now created a device that means that you can apps which can be in reality in home windows, that you can regulate itself in giant, identical to to your PC or Computer, that you may run. Diligent and artistic designers of the jailbreak extension.Numerous modifications to the pimp sometimes very minimalist iOS operating system and bring the user to new functions.This time, the iPad has a really interesting and also get new jailbreak tweak.

The Cydia Store is, most recently,
quasar proud to $9.99 a day and offers the user the opportunity finally to use a handy window management in IOS.With the app by Pedro Franceschi iOS finally gets a useful and also intuitive multitasking.It can be easily installed apps open simultaneously and displayed.By simply resizing and moving of the available space can be used perfectly.


Although not yet have a quasar or other error, you can already clearly see where the journey will lead us in the foreseeable future and could develop into the Tweak Standardrepertoir.

Again to illustrate the following video shows the use of quasar.The app can be downloaded directly via the BigBoss repository and install are.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cYWha8YFi8]  

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