Quick look at Ubuntu 11.10 – Ocelot oneiric


Late however indisputably, a quick abstract of my expertise to this point with the brand new model of the favored Linux distribution on the time, Ubuntu. I'll cross, my expertise is in truth common enthusiastically, the primary time on account that I began the use of Linux and really feel that I confronted nearly the identical issues with Natty Narwhall. In a quick confession, if I made the swap to Purple Hat Fedora Linux model 15 and I was once extra glad.

Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric ocelot (1)

The reason for the change was because Ubuntu Natty Narwhall heating it passed my laptop (Sony VAIO, curious that there are always problems with Linux distributions) and was the trigger to find a leak in the coming oneiric Ocelot, and then discover that some computers, including Vaios have by default in Ubuntu scheduling to conserve power, the BIOS is controlling the air flow processor fan, naturally in low and caused it to heat up my computer after long time use.

I have decided to make the leap back to Ubuntu (where there was fire, ashes remain) when Ocelot has oneiric and one of the reasons I was late making the bottom line is that virtually relived some things that motivated me to make the leap, this time with patience in faith updates that improve the operating system but everything points to them I want the next LTS (Long-Term Support) in 6 months.

Processing and speed 

I do not dwell much here. When you finish installing Ubuntu and start "playing", I feel that a version 10 was lowered down. I never gave it much head in my apartment, at the time of writing this, I am without internet (another reason for my lack of activity in my virtual life) and because I could not do the upgrade.
Finally doing the upgrade I notice any changes in terms of time difference when you turn on a program that Ubuntu and the same appears to you visually. But it was disappointing some programs get stuck so that scream "No humps, ¿I am in Windows ?! "taking into particular Banshee music player, substitute Narwhall Rythmbox from Natty.
But we are just in the second half of oneiric week so I'll keep my faith partial and in future updates.


I do not know what he looks Canonical grace "broach" (pardon the expression) their windows and graphics platform Unity. No doubt there are plans that Ubuntu will reach touchscreen devices, but can not find it logical to have it by default for computers, not comfortable. Now I understand the frustration of Linus Torvalds in Gnome since version 3 when they took a different path, but Gnome is still somewhere between touchscreen and menus.
Now going to the objective, Unity, as is now going ahead coupled with the background color a little more friendly to the eye.
The login screen change, again I feel like my touchscreen laptop seriously outside.


Among the new programs that brings Ocelot oneiric factory are:


  • Mozilla Firefox 7: The new version of Mozilla browser makes its debut with version 7 from factory.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird: I think the biggest surprise of Ubuntu 11.10. Replacing the legendary but tedious Evolution Mail
  • Shotwell Photo Manager: program to manage and edit photos.
  • Deja Dup: Tools to make backups, complementing Ubuntu One that has the same functions using cloud computing.
  • Ubuntu Software Center 5.0: Welcome to the world of Ubuntu menu to purchase applications.


Unfortunately Canonical has given the advantage to Microsoft 's future Windows 8 and its "boot" of 10 seconds or less, as so far I've gone Ubuntu 11.10 "fast" but not that often because I assume will be programmed to that does not give as much internal process to enter your account.
The battery is being spent on something I call "normal" because I am very active when I say I want to use my computer, but less than two hours and I have to connect, a difference of -30 minutes with Windows 7.


I feel that the changes brought by Canonical were more superficial than internal improvement, that I personally was what interested me. If you are a person who just discover the world of Linux, you have no problems using it. Ubuntu is a Linux distribution more user friendly I've seen. But at the same time I invite you to explore options such as Fedora or openSUS


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