QuickShoot Pro Allows Take Photos On iOS 8 Without Launching Camera App



Everyone knows how important it is to know when and how to take photos or start recording videos, to capture one time or another. Unfortunately, the standard tools do not allow iOS instantly go to the photo or video, but there is a very functional solution for users. QuickShoot Pro is a hidden photographic video on the iPhone or iPad without having to run the Camera

So jailbreak tweak QuickShoot Pro iOS 8, familiar to many users still on the previous version, upgrade and now fully supports iOS 8. The main task that performs plugin – immediate creation of a picture or start recording video without having to run regular applications “Camera”. The developers were not too lazy to implement a number of options related to the activation of shooting directly tweak.

So, in the Preferences window, you can directly activate or deactivate QuickShoot Pro on  iOS 8 by choosing the video quality, switching from the main camera on the front, enable HDR, flash, and much more.

In addition, the plug-in interacts with tweaks and Activator allows you to install any “shortcuts” for each function, as well as change the icon of the selected application, turning them into tools run a photo or video with a corresponding animation.

  • To start photographing fast-tap Image Capture Shortcuts and select the activation method.
  • To start a quick tap Videos of Video Capture Shortcuts and select the activation method.

Download jailbreak tweak QuickShoot Pro iOS 8 can be from Cydia, repository BigBoss. this extension is paid  selling for $1.49.

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