On eBay appeared a very rare piece of the first-gen iPhone. In a few hours, the offers went up to $12,100  but since there are still several days this figure could significantly increase.

The seller resides in Portland in the United States and has not clearly specified where he found the prototype now put on sale on eBay. There are, however, very few doubts about its authenticity, as confirmed by the published photos.

The announcement reads that this iPhone is from 2006 and was assembled by hand by Apple laboratories in Cupertino. For this reason it weighs 144.5 grams, almost 10 grams more than the final version of the first iPhone.

On the back of the device there are several codes and some indications on the radio signal, together with the 1.1.1 version of the iPhone. This prototype runs test versions of various software, OS X included.

Clearly, Apple used these prototypes to perform internal tests before starting mass production of the device

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