Court cases present some attention-grabbing revelations, which the businesses by itself initiative had introduced out. In the suitable barge between Apple and Samsung are early prototypes of the iPhone and iPad seemed. A few of them resemble the mock-americaever printed.


Apple keeps such pictures rather privately as part of a court hearing on July 30 against Samsung, they had yet to be brought out. Both companies previously asked for confidentiality of certain informations, but Judge Lucy Koh insisted that everything would take place in public. The Apple iPad thought about including a built-foot (kickstand) and the iPhone had sometimes a strange 8-sided enclosure, like on the picture below.

It is in these pictures models clearly have not achieved a commercial product. Also notable is that the aluminum housing of some iPad designs and the iPod’s text. That seems to indicate that Apple has ever considered the iPhone to be part of the iPod product line. Apple previously thought even after an extra long iPhone screen and an iPhone that is reminiscent of the now no longer optional iPod mini. The Verge has an extensive gallery which also sets the top and sides view of these devices.

This model is reminiscent of the iPod mini:


A separate way to the corners to finish:

iPhone-prototype-image-004 (1)

Left is the extra long iPhone codenamed N90 to see:


Apple was considering an iPad with stand:


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