Razer Unveiled Junglecat Controller To Play Games On iPad, Mac



Razer officially unveiled a game Controller for iPhone 5/5s,  intended ” for hardcore gamers ,” Since Apple announced the ability to create controllers for iPhone, prop and other big names jumped at the opportunity to create their models. Logitech has launched its there a few months already, and MOGA or SteelSeries. Much to say right now, different opinions about these products have not been good.

ReaclRacingJunglecat original controller is equipped with four-sided D-pad and two buttons classical groups . Group marked the classical manner – A, B, X and Y. On top of that is placed on the gamepad button Start / Pause. Present standard audio jack of 3.5 mm and speaker holes .


Gadget from Razer is compatible with iPhone 5/5s, and the connection to the mobile device is carried by Lightning- connector. Charge the device and the smartphone can be simultaneously done using a microUSB port using a special cable .

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