React0r iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08 Unlock is a Fake


Hamzah Akram claimed to be engaged on reactor,  a method to free up iPhone four baseband four.eleven.08. In reality, it looks as if the baseband release resolution is faux. Couple of days in the past, well-known iOS developer and iPhone-Dev group’s entrance man MuscleNerd left an awfully particular touch upon Hamzah Akram’s weblog that how pretend that man’s unencumber was once and the way he managed to tug it off.

Right here’s what MuscleNerd stated:

Lamentably, this weblog publish is without doubt one of the many causes that you can inform this man is a faker (an awfully unhealthy faker, in fact).

With the aid of design, CRC’s are designed to discover even essentially the most delicate adjustments in a file. The CRC of each basebands above is the same: BB35A14A. Regardless of the time distinction within the *file introduction instances*, the *file contents* are an identical. The CRC presentations that.

Easy conclusion: this specific faker is lacking essentially the most basic data of programming. He’s a dumb scammer searching for consideration.

This faker’s subsequent transfer will probably be to both submit a fully unrelated video displaying nothing related, or pronouncing he’s too busy “working at no cost” to make a 30-2nd video.

I truly don’t take note what drives these fakers.




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