Real racing 3

Real racing 3

The fourth-generation Apple TV App Store will allow to do almost anything on the big screen, thanks to new implemented tvOS. Logically, the first thing many think when they introduced last September were video games. The latter is a game, a very famous iOS, as Real Racing 3 has reached the App Store TVOS. Full-bodied update for Real Racing App Store, which in addition to adding the experience of the Daytona races, is also made compatible with Apple’s fourth-generation TV to carry definitely the racing experience on the TV in the living room. The title remains free in the App Store, for both iOS devices, and the Apple set top box.

Sometimes, as there are many applications of iOS that are the same as the Apple TV, look under “purchased” if there are any that acquired in the iPhone or iPad and now have available in the set-top box, but it was not the case with Real Racing 3.

Play in enlarged screen has its advantages. In addition to see everything bigger, we can play with a friend or family member to split screen with MFi controller or another iPhone. For everything else, Real Racing 3 for Apple TV is practically traced to iOS. The only differences I noticed were the logical small makeovers for the use of Remote Siri, where constantly appears (not while playing) a glove that indicates that we need to tap the touchpad to move forward. This has its positive side and negative side. The good news is that the game has the same quality as in the iPhone 6s, relatively speaking, and the bad news is we have the same business model that has received so much criticism in which we play what we consider a few minutes until we ask for money to repair the car or have to wait a while to play again.

Moreover, as Apple requires developers to set up a game mode where you can use the official command of Apple TV 4, we can control the car in three ways: one with Remote control Siri, another with a MFi controller and one with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Having tried all the options, I think it is better to use an iPhone, since it has accelerometer and is more like a flyer that Siri Remote, which is too small.

There is also another small difference, depending on the speed of our connection: as now uploads are very heavy to TVOS App Store applications, the first part of the game will be downloaded and we will be downloading more parties as we proceed. These parts are typically about 200mb each and stop to download more times when we start playing. Later, when we have the most downloaded, and will play normally.

So, if you like car games and are fans of the RR series, you can not miss the opportunity to download it and spend some time with overtaking, skids and victories.

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