Realistic pictures of the iPhone 6 concept with details


iPhone-6-renders-1 Designer Mark Pellin posted on the Web a variety of quality renderings of the iPhone 6, which is said to have been created based on the device official specifications. The device has a 4.7-inch display and enclosed in aluminum body,  design similar to iPod touch. Graphic model of the iPhone 6 looks quite realistic and accurate. It is impossible not to note the presence Touch ID finger print sensor built-in “Home” button. iPhone-6-renders-9 At the same time a few days ago, the Japanese Nikkei portal said that in reality, iPhone 6 will look different. First, it will have the company logo engraved on the back cover. And second, the plastic inserts under the antennas will be painted in the body color, it will not stand out on the back side of the device. In addition, the front glass iPhone 6 will receive a beveled faces for a smooth transition from the aluminum body to the glass panel. iPhone-6-renders-6 iPhone-6-renders-7 It is assumed that Apple will introduce two new iPhones this Fall and it is also expected that the large phone will receive a 5.5-inch display, sapphire cover glass, optical image stabilization system and built-in storage of 128 GB. The regular model will have  a 4.7-inch screen, a protective glass Gorilla Glass 3 and storage capacity of 64 GB. Both iPhone 6 will have 8-megapixel camera, energy efficient A8 processor and will be thinner than its predecessors.

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