Currently the iPhone 5c is the cheapest in the market. However,  recent photos show how Apple might probably wants to update the model in 2015.

Images from Future Supplier (via MacRumors) show the differences to the current model on the back and in the bottom. The pictures show the new iPhone 6c is housing have some minor changes.

Firstly, the recess on the back of the flash is elongated and now no longer around. This may reflect the use of already known from other iPhones True Tone flash. The cutout for the camera lens is, unlike the iPhone 6, does not seem out of the housing out.


On the bottom of the housing shown in the pictures now has more holes in two rows for speaker and microphone. The dimensions of the housing also suggest that the iPhone 6c a 4-inch display is used. As usual, you have to be wary of such images. This might be to represent one of many test models Apples. Alternatively, it may be fake too simple, that has nothing to do with Apple.

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