Reddit Apps For iPhone And Android Officially Available To Download


Reddit Apps For iPhone And Android Officially Available To Download

For a long time, Reddit was not widely used by large online communities for lack of an official mobile client for any platform. As with many other services, this lack was supplied by third party applications, such as Alien Blue or Nargal that have become popular over the years. But in 2014 it bought Reddit Alien blue, application that has been the official Reddit client for the past 18 months.

Yesterday, Advanced Publications launched a new official client for iOS called Reddit. At the same time they launched the new official client, Alien Blue has been removed from the App Store, but is still available for iPad. The reason is that the new official Reddit app is only available for iPhone at the time of writing, but most likely come soon and a version for iPad Alien Blue definitely disappear from the mobile application store from Apple.


With the app to crawl popular links and discussion portal should be simplified. One can by themes and interests are looking to submit comment and own links, pictures and stories. There are different themes and presentation options, including a “Compact View”. News from the portal land in an integrated inbox.

Some of the outstanding features of the new version include letters and compact views, night mode called “Reddit Night” (which was already available in Alien Blue), an option for “boating safety work” and support for multiple accounts. Furthermore, anybody that will be using the Reddit apps for iOS and Android  in its week of release will receive three-month trial subscription Gold, from a regular price of $3.99 per month or $29.99 a year.

Download Reddit for iPhone on the iOS App Store

Download Reddit for Android on the Google Play Store


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