Redsn0w 0.9.10b4 Available to Fix Corona iBooks Issues


The Dev-Crew continues to refine its jailbreak software  RedSn0w  for iOS It now deals a fourth beta model of its device.  Redsn0w zero.9.10b4  iBooks comprises the patch, and fixes sporadic issues with launchctl. As average, that you would be able to make a choice to put in the repair through re-jailbrekant over the outdated or with the aid of putting in the bundle from Cydia Corona. The one factor to do if you happen to set up this replace over the outdated, shouldn’t be to make a choice “Set up Cydia”.


People who jailbreak a 5.0.1 iOS had performed a book application iBooks no longer talking. iBook crashed whenever you tried to start. Also there was a message informing you that there was a configuration error. You had to restore from iTunes or iBooks redownload. Intermediate solutions were also, as an alternative method iBooks2Fix and syncing with iTunes could go wrong. Fortunately there is now a solution for redsn0w. A few days ago, the Corona-jailbreak an update , taking into account the iBooks fix.

Have you performed a jailbreak, you can re-use your current redsn0w jailbreak. Corona also contains redsn0w like a fix for problems with launchctl.

On the iPhone Dev Team’s blog to read:

Update # 4: The version of redsn0w b4 5.0.1 incorporates the fix for iBooks, And Also for Sporadic problems with launchctl. Thanks to @ xvolks for merging the iBooks (sandbox) fix from @ comex ‘s github Into the overall corona untether from @ pod2g !As usual, you can choose to install the fix Either by re-running redsn0w on your Existing jailbreak (de-select Cydia if you do that), or by installing the solar corona package from Cydia (it’s The Same set of files no matter Which Way you choose).

Redsn0w 0.9.10b4   is available for Mac and Windows:

If you don’t have access to a computer, or who don’t feel like bothering with RedSn0w again, you can always install the latest version of Corona that we posted yesterday.

If you are an iPhone 4S or iPhone 2 that is currently still running IOS 5.0, you are advised to update or restore, iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak now it is still possible.

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