Reeder, a popular application for reading news from various sources on the Internet on iOS and OS X, it became free. Program developer Silvio Rizzo made the announcement on its official website. That has never happened before! The Best RSS Reader “shipowner” is free for the first time on iPhone and Mac. With the app, it is possible to read RSS feeds on Google Reader. The whole thing shines in elegant design and easy to operate.

Recently, the developer has announced via Twitter to switch to Google Reader from the fee-based service “Feedbin”. Soon the iPad and Mac application is updated to version 2.0. All the information the authorities announce on this page. From today on the tablet and desktop applications will be free.

On desktop and mobile platforms, Apple has a lot of RSS-clients with different capabilities, but Reeder – probably the most attractive and ergonomic one. First of all, the application draws the appearance. Unlike other RSS-client to read news Reeder much nicer, it seems that are using a book or newspaper, thanks to a good choice of colors for programming. Reeder is based on the service Google Reader.

The official website of Rizzo explained that since the RSS-reader Google closes, he decided to make a version of the application for the iPad and Mac absolutely free.

As most of you probably know by now, Google Reader will be closed on July 1st. What does this mean for Reeder? Unfortunately, it’s still too early to have answers to all questions I got the last couple weeks. Probably most importantly, one thing that’s clear:
Development of Reeder will continue after July 1st.

Soon Rizzo adds Reeder for iPhone support for alternative services, including Feedbin, and RSS-flows. These features will appear in the update 3.1.

The new version of Reeder for Mac and iPad under the symbol 2.0 will be released in just a few months. It will be all the mobile version, including support for web services to exchange and synchronize data. Until then, Reeder for Mac and Reeder for iPad will be free.

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