Remote App Now Controls Your Apple TV And iTunes Content



After upgrading Apple TV fourth generation with tvOS 9.1, users with iPhone can control the set-top box using remote app. And what’s even better, you can use the iPhone or iPad to enter text, something that until now was only possible with Remote Siri. It did not update the Remote application, if not add changes to Apple TV firmware.

Early next year it an update of Remote for iOS will be launched, as it has thus recognized Eddy Cue. With this new version of Remote, besides being able to write with the keyboard iOS also we can use Siri to control the fourth generation Apple TV, which we must recognize that’s fine, but it was not a priority. Of course, it comes in handy for those of us who subscribe to a service like Netflix or Apple Music, frown or rent / buy movies on iTunes.

Moreover, Cue also spoke of the moment that crosses the App Store TVOS, recognizing what is a secret to say that is a little stop after a first day in which up many good applications. Currently, the Apple TV App Store has more than 2,000 applications, which is not bad to have so little time, but also some that might be even better.

More than half of the users who have purchased the fourth generation Apple TV had already had a previous model. These users could assess the applications available there in new App Store, such as games. Cue says not produced the new set-top box thinking about this type of content, but that’s going a bit like what happened with the first iPhone, a device that did not thinking about video games but that is widely used to play. The reason is that games not only to gamers like most gamers, if we like them all to a greater or lesser extent.

Finally, Cue also says that most people are not thinking about buying an Xbox or PlayStation and believes that the Apple TV is the ideal market for this type of device. In my opinion, Cue is right, but I think the future of Apple TV in the games is more promising than he wants to admit.

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