There are  renders of the unreleased 12-inch MacBook Air with on the web. The model would be narrower than the current 11-inch model and would find almost no connections to the housing.

On the one hand there is a 3.5 mm headset port, while on the other hand to find a reversible USB type-c would be. The site and renders the information published , the usually reliable 9to5Mac, notes that Apple can still decide to add ports for the release. Compared to other Apple laptops lack include the MagSafe connector backwards compatible USB ports and Thunderbolt ports. The laptop looks at the renders thin for those connections. The renders are not leaked images of Apple itself, but concepts based on the information 9to5 Mac claims to have.

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The laptop would with thinner bezels are less wide than the current 11.6 “model, while for the 12” screen laptop to house it would be slightly higher. To fit all the elements, the keyboard is closer to the edge of the housing, while the trackpad nearly runs down to the keyboard. The site says nothing about the CPU or screen resolution. According to  an earlier rumor involves a Retina display and an Intel Core M processor. The next MacBook Air would have to appear this year, but an exact date is not yet known

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