Renders show how the iPhone 7 Space black might look like




Recently, recent rumors stated that the iPhone 7 will come with a choice of colors Space Black. Once these predictions come to the surface, Shai Mizrachi, who has a sideline hobby make render smartphone, make the latest iPhone design with a black base color and uploaded to his Twitter account.


In both concepts we can see that the bands for antennas are in the upper and lower edges and the camera is larger and closer to the edge. In the case of ShaiMizrachi created by a little more noticeable because it has included gray, when more normal in this case is that they were totally black. AppleDesigner has created two, one darker as ensuring the rumors and the other with the rear glass, which would give the iPhone 7 a similar image to the iPhone 4S, relatively speaking. None of these concepts shows what the iPhone 7 Plus gray space, but the differences are that the camera would be larger and that at the bottom have the Smart Connector.


(Source: Shai Mizrachi [Twitter] | Apple iDesigner [Instagram])

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