The Chinese language website online NetEase has managed to get pictures of the possible leaked iPhone 5 back, which already appeared online in multiple locations. That was no easy task: according to the website, the is back part now so willed that he hefty sums in Shenzhen is rented. It was at the time nearly 50,000 yuan to have the case 24 hours in the house, roughly $7,860.

The back is especially popular among accessory manufacturers in Shenzhen. Probably they put money down for the part, so they are already able to work with an iPhone case that fits on to the new model. Earlier today we wrote that all accessories for the iPhone 5 on Amazon sold, whose design is probably based on circulating rumors. Asian accessory makers rarely actually know in advance exactly what Apple wil
l announce.

They can always take the acid test and one of the previously published schematic drawings. That this is not always able to drain it as appeared last year: when produced True Supplier a case for the iPhone 5, after the announcement of the iPhone 4S turned out to be unusable. [ MIC Gadget.]


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