This year, a 12.9-inch “iPad Pro” or “iPad Plus” will probably hit the shelves in the Fall. However, there are some rumors floating around that there will be no new model of the iPad Air. But will a new iPad mini will appear, and could be the last of its kind.

Economic Daily News (via MacRumors) claims to have learned about the analysts Liaoxian Li that Apple will introduce no new model of the iPad Air this year. Instead, the company plans “only” the introduction of the new 12.9-inch iPad and a new model of the iPad mini. The latter had received only a minor update last year, which was limited primarily to the Touch ID fingerprint sensor; This year could integrate a new Apple-AX chip Apple for example.

The reason that Apple will publish no new iPad Air, lies in the fact that Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn should concentrate on the production of large “iPad Pro” or “iPad Plus”. A new iPad Air is to be expected in 2016.

But is especially interesting another prediction of the report from Asia: This year’s iPad mini could be in this size the last iPad, Apple will publish. This would on the one hand, surprisingly, on the other hand could be explained by the fact that tablets struggled recently against “phablets”, ie larger smartphones like the iPhone 6 Plus. So it could well be that Apple wants to focus on the tablets, which have a larger display as a unique feature compared to smartphones.

The Economic Daily News was with their forecasts in the past, but once beside; So the rumors are to be treated with caution.

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