Report Shows iPhone 7 To Be Slimmer With No 3.5mm Audio Jack



Apple often has a habit of forcing the introduction of new technologies or dumped them on their devices. Com it did with the MacBook adding the only USB-C port or virtually killed the CD-ROM tray to remove CDs directly from its range of laptops. This trend seems to be quite far from over. As we have been telling for almost a month ago, all the rumors suggest that the 3.5 mm jack iPhone will be removed in the next version, intended to unify Lightning accessories in the port in which both have invested since the iPhone 5 launch.

The last of the reports come from FastCompany, however not reveal the sources. But also it returns to revive the rumors about the elimination of 3.5mm jack port in the next model of iPhone. All this would lead to the possibility of using the joint, as I have said on other occasions, is reduced to the Lightning and the Bluetooth connection. For now, headset models are connected by Lightning ironically absurd and expensive, quite contrary to the possibilities that this connection is standardized on accessories for use with the iPhone.

We certainly hope that if eventually confirmed these rumors, are standardized or iPhone included with a range of 3.5 mm jack adapter Lightning, which help users who already have headphones, probably very expensive, do not hesitate to use these iPhone accessories due to the imposition of Apple to remove this port permanently. The report also suggests that besides the iPhone 7 will be even thinner than the iPhone 6, which is the main reason why this headphone jack has been completely eradicated. (Source: Fast Company)

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