apple watch strap

apple watch strap

All the remaining details of the Apple Watch still surfacing. However, it is now clear that the battery life will be limited to one day, and that many potential buyers frankly not good enough. An interim solution was not long in coming.

Thoroughly examining complaints future buyers Apple Watch, enthusiasts sat well thought and opened pre-order one simple accessory for smart watches. It’s about strap with built-in battery called Reserve Strap. Ordinary-looking silicone strap actually contains embedded cell battery and cover on the rear surface of Apple Watch. The latter allows you to install smart watches Reserve Strap on a standard charging while simultaneously charging the battery and the device, and an extra battery in the strap.

Preliminary calculations suggest an increase in the standard battery capacity by 125%. However, the real opportunity to experience the strap from its creators have not yet been. Furthermore, the design causes some concern because it combined charge for the strap may block access to the sensor, heart rate fixing. According to the latest news, he would need direct contact with the skin for proper operation.

Following today’s announcement, as well as the start of sales of Apple’s smart watch strap design with a built-in battery will be put on Kickstarter, though most impatient can pre-order now for $250. It is noteworthy that the idea is not new Reserve Strap. Even during the iWatch rumors speculated that Apple will place the battery in a thong, but it never happened.

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