Danish company GN ReSound introduced the first gadget for hearing , a certified Apple. The device, developed in conjunction with the American giant computer electronics , connected to the iPhone and gives a ” high-quality and clear sound.”

Device called LiNX made ​​in accordance with the requirements of the program MFi, so developers have the opportunity to place on the package label “Made for iPhone». Danish company and Apple have worked closely to create device. Both companies have worked hard to how we can improve communication API and extend the battery life of the device.


LiNX can be used for listening to music “on air” and as a two-way headset. The sound volume is adjusted via the mobile application.


Novelty is the first hearing aid that does not need intermediate transmitters , as it connects directly to the iPhone on the wireless interface Bluetooth 4.0. Radio signal is transmitted at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

GN ReSound sale will begin within 2014. The cost of the gadget is not declared , according to preliminary data , the price will be not less than $2000 .

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