Apple offered 5 IOS for iPhone, iPod contact and iPad with many new options together with improved notifications with the brand new message center , Twitter integration , the new IOS messaging iMessage and more. Shortly after the company appointed the first beta version of the new mobile operating system available to registered developers, but warned expressly that go back to iOS 4 would not be possible. That is not entirely correct.

Developer Philip Plotnikov ( and MoopMobility) decided to test the acid and see if the iPhone be could restored from iOS 5 to iOS 4.3.3, the latest public version of iOS. In theory it should be possible, because iOS 4.3.3 Apple just signed. Circulating on various Internet message that restore to iOS 4 is possible, but that it would result in a recurring "01'-error error. This would then fix jailbreak tool with tiny umbrella, but also yielded mixed results.

Plotnikov placed his iPhone at the jail breakers known DFU mode and then restore to iOS 4.3.3. Then he was using iTunes successfully restore its backup. It is also not possible to use the most recent backup , which is made ​​with iOS 5 / restore. It must have a backup for iOS 5. It is also no guarantee that when anyone from  iOS 5 to iOS 4.3.3 restores prosper, but it seems that this method (which is intended to prevent errors) in general could work

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