Apple watch

Apple watch

The Apple Watch only communicates wirelessly with other devices. However, it is also in the final version of the device “Diagnostic Port” still available.

Back in March, was to read that the Apple Watch is equipped with a maintenance or diagnostics connection – are within the mounting bracket for the bracelet on the one hand, six contacts that enable similar to a Lightning port to connect to other devices. It could take bracelets with other fitness sensors.

Apple itself seems to connect but so far they will use exclusively for maintenance. Originally, it was even said that the final version of the Apple Watch will no longer have these contacts. But the latter does not seem to be the case.

A reader of Mac Rumors noticed when trying the Apple Watch an Apple Retail Store, that the maintenance terminal was “his” copy still available in: The contacts could be clearly seen after removal of the bracelet. The blogger John Gruber has again received a copy of Apple for testing, in which the connection is also available – but protects it in this device a cover.



Since Apple itself has never mentioned the connection, it is quite possible that the company schedules no functionality on maintenance also. At least other applications but possible – and perhaps interesting for the jailbreak community. And Apple may just be at a later date to choose to allow “smart” bracelets.


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