Speaking concerning the look of Retina-show within the new Mac has been occurring for a very long time, every so often the information emerge within the community, allegedly confirming this data – simply keep in mind that, as an instance, the printed useful resource 9to5mac photograph plaque with the specs of the brand new MacBook Professional 15 ".

Today, these witnesses added one more, but not direct, but if I may say so, indirectly. 
No plates, no characteristics. Everything is much easier. Appendix FolderWatch, available in the Mac App Store, has received an update in which a change was listed support for Retina-displays.

What's New In This Version:
– Retina graphics.
– New feature: Sidebar folders.
– Compatibility with Growl 1.3.
– Updated Rsync to 3.0.9.
– Menu Bar Helper now displays warnings.
– Users are notified about the Menu Bar Helper feature on first use.
– Reworded/rearranged user interface elements to be more clear.
– Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Options there may be several. Perhaps, Apple has shared with the individual developers of the characteristics of the technical information about its future devices. This, of course, highly unlikely, but in fact can be. At the presentation of new computers need to show them the applications, to show at its best advantages of high resolution displays. And for that we need programs that support this resolution.

The second option – the developers have added support for Retina-display "just in case." If Apple did such screens will equip their computers – such support is necessary in handy. If not – well, there is no way.

Option number three – self-promotion. Application of FolderWatch learned today, millions of users, and only for the sake of the developers to "tie" high resolution display support for his program.

The most likely option seems to us the union of two or three, then there is no information about the presence of Retina-display developers have not had any. And will there be such displays in the new computer Apple – we will know very soon.

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