Reuters: 2.5-inch screen iWatch with pulse sensor and wireless charging to be released in October


iwatch-concept-1Seems like not a day goes by that rumors or speculations about what new products and when Apple will surprise the audience. This time, Reuters, relying on information from the chain of supplier partners corporations talks about the latest plans for iWatch.

Reported that Apple Smart Watch will be announced in October this year. Mass production of the device, according to Reuters will begin in July, including suppliers – Quanta Computer, LG, Foxconn, Heptagon and Pegatron. It is alleged that the gadget will get a s 2.5 inches diagonal sapphire  screen. The screen is reportedly “slightly rectangular” and stands slightly above the surface of the device to create an arc shape.

An interesting feature of iWatch, as noted is the wireless charging feature. In February, theThe New York Times also wrote that Apple was experimenting with wireless charging on portable devices that will fit for both smartphones and “smart” watch: magnetic induction method and charge from hand movements. Which technology Apple choose was not specify.

According to Reuters, iWatch will get a built-in pulse sensor based on the latest developments of Silicon Labs. Removing the measurements will be performed using optoelectronics and transferred to a paired device with a mobile device.

The suggested retail price for the iWatch exhibited in $350, which is $150 more expensive than the community believed earlier. Apple expects to release at  least 50 million smartwatch, hoping for the highest consumer demand.

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