Many Apple employees are currently working on an electric car. Reuters now writes that it should involve a self-driving car.”It’s a software issue. It’s all about independent driving. Reuters quoted people familiar with the project  that the code-name is” Titan “. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday contrary: Apple currently planning any self-driving car.

A possible sign that the project is already grown beyond the theoretical phase – According to Reuters, Apple currently finds already in talks with experts from other automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

Apple seems much help, according to a Reuters source but not from other manufacturers want to collect only advice on parts and production methods. On ordinary manufacturing techniques and engines you were in Cupertino also not interested.

Yesterday we reported that Apple’s new research center: CEO Tim Cook has approved the electric car project (code name “Titan”) about a year ago. Currently, the design of the car recall a minivan.

Steve Zadesky, Apple vice president of product design is intended, the team currently manage. He had also received permission to create a 1000-strong team and take on Apple In place of various divisions.

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