Not too long ago, we spoke a couple of 19-pin connector being into the next generation iPhone. iMore was the first to report that the new iPhone will get a smaller dock connector and then TechCrunch join the rumors. Now, ccording to Reuters sources the iPhone 5 which is expected to go on sale in October, will own indeed a smaller 19-pin dock connector.

In this way, the space for the headphone jack will be moved to the bottom of the iPhone. The iPod touch's headphone will longer be at the bottom, but there is a lack of speakers, room next to the 30-pin dock connector which is now already more than 10 years of life. The smaller connector makes room for a headset connection.

It is expected that Apple will come with an optional adapter to use on the new iPhone to 'old', for the 30-pin dock connector
. In addition of users being irritated of not being able to use the bluetooth, the Apple smaller connector will sale more than ever.


Interestingly, CultofMac already explained how that would work. They used a picture of to show how old the accessories still usable. Apple can easily connect the 30 dots reduced to 19 units, but it will cause panic among accessory makers. Apple took ten years to determine the 30-pin connectorled to hundreds of millions of accessories that are in use by consumers.

Besides, The new connector will ensure that existing accessories will work directly with the new iPhone. Th
e arrival of a converter seems logical, but knowing Apple will not be advantageous. Furthermore Reuters reported that the new iPhone will be available in the market this Fall.

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