The AirPods have been compared to intentionally toothbrushes, golf clubs, hair, clipped earpods and all sorts of other things. Apple wireless earbuds call rather strong reactions. The new AirPods, apparently, might seem the classic EarPods that we know well, but without flush. In reality there is much more in these new Apple wireless headphones. In a few words, i’ll give you my impressions about the latest Apple accessory.


The design of the AirPods do not have to get used to long: they have the same design as the earpods you for years to get the iPhone, but with ‘cut-off’ wires and with a slightly thicker stick. There are more holes in the AirPods than in earpods, intended for optical sensors. Inside furthermore sit accelerometers to detect the tap for Siri.

Our first impression when unpacking is good: it feels like quality, the earphones do not fall straight out of your ear (not even during headbanging) and the pairing is super easy. One thing we can not completely turn around: the crazy look. The short stubs from your ears look a little strange, every time you look in the mirror. Fortunately turn out to people on the street do not care about it, as we noticed during use in public transport and during a walk in the city. No one made a comment or looked strange. What you read on Twitter is not the reality. Most people do not even notice that you wear the latest AirPods. Of your immediate friends you might be the first time get some comments, both positive and negative.

It is a somewhat unreal feeling, difficult to explain to the fact of having two small appliances in the ears, independent of each other, that practically do not feel that they are there, with which I can isolate myself from the world when I want with some music , Keep voice calls or with which I can interact with my smartphone, which does not go out of pocket.

It feels like the future when I open the white case, so small that you can not see it in my pocket, to take out or store those tiny earphones. Life with the AirPods is a bit like Her from Spike Jonze, a step closer to a new way of interacting with technology. A little more intimate, less intrusive, a little more invisible, a little more comfortable, a little more practical.

The AirPods are Apple’s proposal for wireless headphones, not even between them. The result is a kind of technical miracle and one of the best examples in many years of what the company is capable of achieving. It is the best way to exemplify what innovation really is and how a product that has made very little noise in the media or public opinion will be decisive for the future of our post-PC world.

As with all products with rechargeable batteries reduce performance after a year or two, three back. They will not quickly break down because there are few components that can exhibit mechanical wear, but if you drop them a few times in the street and a car drives over it, there is probably little remains of it.

What sound quality do they have?

Basically like EarPods. I would say there is a subtle improvement, but I may be wrong and need more time to use. $159 or $179 may be a very high price for the quality they offer. But here you are paying for a lot of technology in tiny packages.

Yes, I would love for Apple to hire sound engineers capable of substantially improving the sound quality of their products or acquiring a company that is capable of doing so.

Meanwhile, we have one of the best wearables on the market for less than $200 with a sound quality more than acceptable. Anyway, we should not lose sight of any handset with really good sound quality sold for more than $400.

Do they fall if you exercise?

No. Because there are no wires, there is no voltage and the weight is so minimal that no matter how much you shake your head or jump, it does not move from your ears. They do not have to take my word for granted, we’ve really tried to get them to fall, but we did not get it.

What happens if I lose one of the headphones?

Apple replaces it for $69. Same cost if you lose the case.No replacement cost information is yet available in Latin America or Spain. We will update the information when it becomes available.


To check the battery life of the AirPods you can go to several places, including the battery widget on the iPhone. You can also stop the AirPods here in the box and open the door to the screen immediately see a pop-up with the battery life. Proximity is enough. That immediately promises something for future accessories. The W1 chip could pop up in all sorts of other devices, such as linking HomeKit devices and unannounced accessories for auto, home and health. Apple made you already configure the Apple TV, the iPhone is keeping close and we now see something similar to the AirPods.

Apple’s AirPods are the best wireless earphones for Apple users at the moment, if you are looking for something to listen to music and calls. For pure music lovers there are better earphones available (such as B & W, Bose and Shure) and if you all day ringing in the car spends are also better solutions (such as Plantronics or Jabra). The AirPods performance in all these areas fairly good, but not exceptional. Positive jumping stable wireless connection, effortless linking and cooperation with Siri above them relative to other Bluetooth earbuds. Attaches more importance to convenience than to optimize sound quality, then the AirPods for you.

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