Review: Apple TV Fourth Generation with Siri Remote


Review: Apple TV Fourth Generation with Siri Remote

The new Apple TV fourth generation is already on sale and the first units reached the ones who were in a  hurry to buy. This new Apple device comes with the promise of changing television. Streaming content, games, and a more friendly and easy to use menu that what until now we have offered the traditional Smart TV. What Apple has achieved? Is the new Apple TV  4 device worth spend time waiting?

Apple has chosen this new Apple TV 4 to keep the same design that has characterized it since the second-generation Apple TV. Small, discreet piano black, virtually identical to previous models except for its size, as this Apple TV fourth generation has more height than previous models. It may seem bland, or many may wish we had a different design, aluminum, with different colors like the iPhone, but the truth is that it is a device that goes unnoticed in the living room, maybe it’s better this way.

What has changed is the remote control, or as Apple calls Siri Remote. Maintains a similar, smaller aesthetic conventional remote controls, compact, aluminum rear, and more controls on its front. The directional buttons on the previous model have now been replaced by a trackpad that occupies the upper third that is by which we move through the menus, as well as serving to control many games. A traditional buttons Menu and Play / Pause (retained) were also added a dedicated Siri voice to give buttons command to go to the home screen or return to the main menu and controls that allow to raise and lower  your TV volume without having to use another command.

Siri Remote

Remote command Siri has accelerometer and gyroscope, which can be used as remote control for video games, two microphones to command Siri, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and infrared transmitter of course. Powered by rechargeable battery with Lightning connector and is included in the box a Lightning-USB cable and the iPhone or iPad.

There are small changes in the connections we have available in the rear. 10/100 Ethernet connection and the HDMI (now 1.4) is maintained. The microUSB connection USB connection type C is replaced and optical audio connection is eliminated. Despite this new device has 7.1 audio output (via HDMI) against the previous 5.1. For complete specifications of the Apple TV fourth generation, it has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and WiFi a / b / g / n / ac.

Configuring Apple TV Fourth Generation

Once the Apple TV connected  to the mains and the TV with an HDMI cable (not included, of course) the setting could not be more simple and quick. Forget about having to walk for getting data and passwords from your iPhone you can skip all this process. All you need to choose “Set with device” and bring the iPhone with activated Bluetooth close to the Apple TV . The new device uses data from your iPhone to configure your data and iCloud Apple ID, password to connect to the WiFi network and only leave pending a couple of steps to begin to work with your Apple TV.

Of course all this is done with maximum security and will have to confirm that you want to activate the Apple TV  fourth generation with your account via the relevant message that will send you to your trusted device. Then enter the code in the Apple TV using the Remote Siri.

The App Store finally on our TV

This is what makes the difference in this new Apple TV: the App Store. You can download your favorite applications for streaming content, playing your favorite games on your iPhone and to continue the game on your Apple TV when you get home, or enjoy the most spectacular games with a control knob “real” as in the usual consoles it is now a real possibility in the new Apple TV. Although the catalog is still not very large, if we consider that it is a device with only two days on the market the future is more than promising.

Many of these applications are adaptations thereof for iPhone or iPad and not have to pay again for them. Others are specific to the Apple TV and yes you have to pay to download. Anyway, move around the applications using Remote Siri trackpad is very easy, and only what you can catch anything less is to organize them by folders, something that is currently not possible. Yes, you can move them to put them in the order you like. But the best you to take a look at the video to see the Apple TV fourth generation in action.


The overall experience was a bit disappointing. Apple could have done better. If you own the previous version, there is no need to upgrade your device, at least not for now. However, if you don’t have one and need a streaming device, then the Apple TV fourth generation might be an option for you,  those already used an Apple TV to view content via AirPlay, the shared iTunes library and the content itself that Apple offers through its iTunes store, without doubt this new Apple TV you’ll love. If instead you are someone who thought the Apple TV was not a useful device, now you should rethink the issue because the new App Store which contains and compatibility with control knobs for video games offer enormous potential.

We will have to wait for the developers go throwing their applications for the Apple TV, but certainly the application store will grow like wildfire. Media players like Plex or Infuse have confirmed they are working on applications for the device, and the arrival of other services like Netflix to Spain finally allows us to enjoy streaming quality content when and where they want.

A lack of refining to the system and solve some unexplained inconsistencies, such as not being able to connect a Bluetooth keyboard or the Apple Remote application may not work with the new Apple TV. We can say that Apple has finally abandoned their hobbies and the device has taken seriously, as it should have done long ago. But better late than never.

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