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Apple released along with the iPhone 5s a new cover for the smartphone, which  is available in six colors and costs $39 in the Apple Store. You can choose the iPhone 5s case from black, brown, beige, yellow, blue or red. We bought the red version of this iPhone 5s-case, because you thereby directly supports AIDS projects. But like ‘he also? That remains to be seen. After two weeks the red case looks already quite used. People sometimes say that leather is beautiful, as you use it more. This is often the case, but the iPhone 5s Sleeves Apple is something else going on, as we will explain. In this review

Packaging and appearance

Apple delivers the iPhone 5s-case in simple plastic packaging. If you put them in the Apple Store sees hang Amsterdam you will immediately see what colors are available. In the box is only the case, no screen protector or other extras. The cover fits the iPhone 5 and is therefore suitable for people with something new, but have no money to iPhone 5s to purchase. The slightly larger opening for the flash you do not suffer. Buttons and ports are access to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s in exactly the same place. The only visible difference is of course that theiPhone 5 not Touch ID scanner. The iPhone 5s-case is also a nice solution if you have chosen. The wrong color iPhone Are you the hype is gone and now with a gold iPhone, you will find so beautiful on closer inspection it not? No problem: case on and you see nothing more.

The cover is made ​​of high quality leather, which tightly around a hard case is wrapped. The newly snugly around the iPhone 5s and is therefore not suitable for the iPhone 5c. The leather is quite smooth with few visible veins and other learning structure. Inside is a microfiber coated in a matching color. There are holes present for camera and flash, headset, Lightning connector and mute button. Other buttons such as volume and on / off switch allows you to control the case via button-shaped projections.

Six colors

While the cases for the Apple iPhone 5c colors are vibrant, the colors of the iPhone 5s-cases are more muted. They tend more towards pastel colors, especially beige, blue or yellow choose. The same colors found on the new iPad leather Air-cases : these are available in black, blue, brown, beige, yellow and red. The red version is for sale, not through other retailers. Only through the Apple Store About retailers spoken: it makes little sense to look for a bargain.


Whatever color you choose is actually random. Apple has the colors chosen so that actually fit any color combination. Only the beige color appeals to me a little less, because the excess to a nondescript shade of gray / pink / skin color tends. In that respect it is golden brown case of the much more expressive.

iPhone 5s in-case use

When this case came on the market we advised: $39, is fairly affordable, especially if it is a leather case. The leather case Apple iPad Air for a decent price of $79(Apple also costing $39 iPad cases, but they are made of polyurethane). The case is very form-fitting and often requires some effort if you want to get.

iphone-5s-case 2

The cutout for the camera caused no problems, but earplugs and Lightning cables you can run into problems because the opening is too small (and the connector slightly too thick). Apple’s own Lightning cables work well, but the TomTom car kit with Lightning cable did not appear to fit properly. In that case you should always get the iPhone out of the case, which is not really nice if you are in a hurry and want to drive off quickly. The volume buttons are easy to operate. Through the case The mute button is the experience somewhat different: with the nail of my thumb (or finger) can I easily convert, but nail biters complain about too little room for maneuver.

Protective properties

The leather case only covers the back and sides of the iPhone 5s, but also a little in front.Because the case slightly above the glass of the iPhone you can set with the screen down on the table lay, without risk of scratching. As said Apple does not screen protector with it. Are you afraid of scratches (yes, there is already one on my iPhone 5c), it is advisable to still paste a screen protector on the screen preferably an invisible model so you do not bother you. The case protects your iPhone on all corners and on the back during a fall. Because of the upstanding edges, the chance of glass breakage is also reduced. It is not a panacea, but it can just catch that first blow in an accidental fall.

Why this case?

The iPhone 5s-case means Apple has long been its own protective case for the first time made.The last time we can remember was the Bumper case for iPhone 4, who would later play in the Bumper Gate drama. Starring a tragic Millions of people got a free bumper from Apple because the phone signal would be lost after you grabbed the phone in a certain way. The iPhone 5s-case is no camouflaging a problem. This is just a luxury case, which Apple is trying to earn some extra on the sale of the iPhone 5s.

iphone-5s-1 case

Material: somewhat porous?

Apple has chosen in this case for aniline leather . I went looking for more information about the characteristics of this type of leather. It is a beautiful and soft leather, but it is also quite porous and because there is usually no protective coating layer is applied (as opposed to semi-aniline), this type of leather attracts dirt faster. And it shows: the cover has become quite dirty after a few weeks of use. Aniline leather is nice for sports seats in expensive cars or handbags, but the bright colors are less suitable for accessories that you used intensively during daily life.

“This type of leather is particularly sensitive to dirt, grease, moisture, perspiration and head fats, making it necessary to protect this type of leather good,” writes a manufacturer of personal care products.

And that Apple seems to have not really done. That means frequent cleaning and treat with protective care products. Clean with alcohol is not a good idea, because the dye of the leather can indulgences. You better get started Gaam with leather care product of the shoemaker or carpenter. An alternative is to rub with colorless wax or treat with dirt repellent spray, to provide a protective layer which dirt adheres less well. IPhone cover

Do you have the patience to clean regularly, then you can safely take the colored versions of the iPhone 5s cover. But honestly: the obligation to much brushing is actually a miss from Apple.With covers of other brands I have seen much less. I have for my iPhone 4/4S white leather Sena case and that was only after half a year dirt.


The iPhone 5s-case feels soft and looks nice. The leather is tight around the hard case and thus makes your iPhone is not a lot thicker. The case is easy to hold and makes the iPhone less slippery. By removing the troublesome case it is less suitable for people who love their iPhone into a dock. It is true that the red version of the iPhone 5s-case after a month off soiled, especially along the edges. All colored versions have that problem and therefore getting us the number 5. In these cases you every week with cleaning and protective agent in the club to ensure that the cover keeps the luxurious look. The black version of Apple’s iPhone 5s-case has (because of the color) no problems with visible dirt. Do you not feel like regular cleaning, take the black version.


  • Nice leather quality, looks luxury.
  • Good design: form-fitting and will not easily break.


  • Difficult to remove.
  • Fairly eady to get dirty, regular cleaning is required.

Info: iPhone 5s case

  • Manufacturer: Apple
  • Product: iPhone 5s-case
  • For sale by: Apple Store
  • Colors: black, beige, brown, yellow, red, blue
  • Material: genuine leather with reinforced inside (hard case)
  • Price: $39
  • Rating: 8 (black), 5 (other colors)


Because this case is not on all Apple iPhones,  here are some kind of alternatives:

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