love-mei-curve-3 Love Mei Curve is a case intended for everyone who wants an extreme protection of their smartphones, meaning giving up the fineness look of the Apple iPhone. This is a good iPhone case to help you protect you r investment from impacts, featuring a multi-layer design and different materials, all in order to enhance absorption of the force that occurs when the iPhone is we dropped.

This is precisely the essence of this case for iPhone 6. At the top we have a screensaver made with Gorilla Glass (the same material used by Apple to the outermost layer of the screen. Despite wearing a protective screen, the normal functioning of Touch ID fingerprint that continue to recognize our footprint as ever, but the error rate is true that increases slightly, forcing us to enter the unlock code more frequently not disabled.


The inter-layer mission absorb impact energy to prevent the blow is transmitted to the casing of the iPhone. If we add rigidity provided by the frame made of aluminum, the result is a very solid set that will protect any smartphones.

It notes that this housing also has a series of filters and tapas area buttons, speakers and ports to prevent ingress of water and dust. This means that if it rains, we can use the phone without fear that it could damage us, that if this does not mean we can immerse the iPhone. With Curve case,  Love Mei add resistance to splashes but you can not immerse the phone in water.

Finally, mention that we can acquire the sheath Love Mei Curve for a price of $25.99 on Amazon and select the color you want for the aluminum front, choosing from a wide range of hues.Is it a case for everyone? Clearly not, and for day to day but is quite cumbersome for those with small children who can not live without the iPhone, athletes and some other group, which adds extra protection sleeve is priceless and fulfill expectations.

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