gb36307_survivor_ipadair_1The famous Griffin Survivor Case is already adapted to the iPad Air 2, in order to protect the next generation of Apple’s tablet, the size and thickness have changed from previous versions. An indestructible case, the maximum protection for your iPad Air offers. Developed and designed by Griffin

For those looking for maximum protection for your Apple iPad Air, Griffin Survivor All-Terrain provides the protective cover. The iPad Air case was designed to meet all requirements of daily work. Your tablet is being protected from fall damage, rain, shock, and much more. The iPad Air 2 cover is made to US military standard,  been tested everything that is good enough for the US military, can withstand even the toughest requirements.

Griffin-GB363072-Black_BlackAs a reminder, the Griffin Survivor Case for iPad Air is not intended to be light and nice (although ugly is not at all). This iPad accessory has been designed in order to protect the most of the tablet from drops and bumps, making sure that we use in extreme environments that may have dirt, dust, vibrations or even rain (holds splash but does not allow immersing the iPad Air).

The outer shell is made of silicone and offers a high resistance to shock. For photos, a recess was integrated into the silicone skin, which is always re-sealable.

An internal mold polycarbonate provides strength and structure. This is a special foam that prevents collisions and also secured the iPad Air 2.

The display is protected by a polycarbonate disc, which allows highly accurate input. To ensure the best protection against the elements, all the buttons, such as home button Power button and all other openings were sealed. Your tablet will at all times dry and functional.

24264344_alt3_zoomFor the Survivor extra one detachable base was developed. Ideal for example, watching a video.

Finally, the Griffin Survivor Case for iPad Air comes with a plastic holder that allows us to place the tablet in different positions, obtaining different viewing angles of the screen according to need.

griffinsurvivor_fanned_01-600x320Since many generations in which the Griffin Survivor proved to be the case par excellence as far as protection is concerned. There is much more radical options but the vast majority of mortals, this case covers all the expectations that we find in our daily lives.

The price of the Griffin Survivor Case for iPad Air is $80, a price worth paying before risking the integrity of the Apple tablet is worth much more money.

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