Review: KitSound Audio Beanie for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


iHat Beanie 03

With the KitSound Audio Beanie, you will be able to listen to your favorite music during the winter season. Indeed, this beanie is integrated with headphones for listening when it’s cold or warm outside.

This music hat is a must-have for any music lover. Done with that annoying earbuds that do not fit nicely and therefore fail every five minutes in your ear. This is not only annoying, but makes your winter gloves every time you need to take off to stabbing them back in place.
The KitSound Audio is a cap with built-in speakers that fall nicely over your ears and comes with touchscreen gloves to keep your hands warm. Despite wearing this audio beanie when it’s cold or hot, you will also be amazed at the sound quality produced.

This beanie hat is great for the winter time to keep you warm and looking great! It has 2 built-in headphones on each side of the beanie hat, you will receive a great quality sound directly through the hat. This cap not only comes with built headphones, but also a pair of horns on top of the cap, for more fun!

Listen to music from your iPhone, Android Mobile, MP3 player or any other PMP with a 3.5 mm headphone jack with this hat and stay warm at the same time. And speaking of your iPhone, headphone jack 3.5mm hat beanie also comes with a built-in that allows you to speak and listen microphone!

Buy this hat beanie for winter months. Brought to you at a surprisingly low for the online leader in hat / headphones and iPhone accessories, Specials price.

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