Review: Netgear Push2TV PTV3000 offers wireless image


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More and more mobile devices support Mira Cast. This allows you the image of your tablet or phone to transfer to another screen. Using the Netgear Push2TV PTV3000 have no special monitor, television or projector needed.

You connect via HDMI, then you can link wirelessly with computers running Windows 8.1 and many Android devices. Apple does not support Mira Cast. In addition to an HDMI connector the PTV30000 only has a USB port that you can connect it to the supplied power adapter. Does your TV, projector or monitor, then you can of course use a USB output and power supply. Only a piece of double sided tape is still lacking to him neatly behind a screen to put away.


Pairing is simple, namely the cabinet makes use of wifi directly and you do it so as not to add to your existing wireless network. Besides Mira Cast this locker Netgear also supports Intel WiDi. This makes it also suitable for use on older computers without Windows 8.1, but that have an Intel wireless card on board. Both techniques are fast enough to show a Full HD video on the image. One drawback is that for displaying video through the Mira Cast PTV3000 has no security, so the image in principle by everyone is to receive.

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