Evaluate of Murderer’s Creed Pirates iOS Sport


assassin creed pirates

Those who have followed the history of the first Assassin’s Creed are aware of the great changes that recently occurred in the series: in the fourth and final part , the bank shifted from universal conspiracy and everyday life of the Assassins , a pirate romance. Seriously – almost 70 % of the game devoted to boarding , drinking in the open sea and the team song . Changing course everyone liked , and classical mechanics Assassin’s Creed, it seems, finally went to the junk.

What do we tell it all . The game Assassin’s Creed Pirates, the review of which you are now reading , as well as the first two words in the title – to , in fact , Assassin’s Creed have very indirect relationship. But the rest – this is the fourth part of which excluded the possibility to get out on the land . Net , that is , concentrated pirate romance, undiluted and gram heavy heritage series.

Do you ship . This ( first) small brig , equipped with several guns . Boat drifting in the middle of the sea , our team under the guidance of captain he manages . Is simple enough : a view of either of the steering wheel ( very impressive ), or on the mast . Gas brake , that is , sorry, sail or roll them – matter of a button and a couple of seconds , like curtains . Steer – the same round thing behind which are all captains – convenient, it holographically taken out to the main screen . In general, the feeling of control huge ship – not much different from driving a car somewhere in the GTA. And it’s great – 99 % of the time you spend at the helm , if it gave torment , nothing would have saved the game .

Game , however, and do not save – it so well . In Assassin’s Creed Pirates have a huge open world – specifically the ocean. You are free to surf the aquatic universe. Enjoy a peaceful life , based on research, opening new observation points and fisheries ? Yes, no one bothers to – hang ” Jolly Roger ” on the nail and drive high moral way of living . Thousand of opportunities to spend time boring , and , a gift that can not be planted on the land , from the monotony of Assassin’s Creed Pirates gracefully saved .

But let us not dissemble – pirate life in the game is the most interesting , the name did not just . Clashes with the royal frigates , the hunt for trade galleons , constant voltage , which must have lived real pirates – it is clear that if not today , then tomorrow will be under white hands , but until then have time to live to the fullest. Stoke alien ships , assemble a team , assign resources – the ship then improve – priceless adventure strong pirate.

Do battle , by the way , are pretty simple – and this is the only ( well, except for the plot of land and parts) general unlike Assassin’s Creed Pirates of the fourth part. In the “big” version all very impressive, spectacular and beautiful: the nucleus fly tower dives to a depth boarded. Here – in the style of some primitive arcade : you come in a duel , and in turn give volley. When it does you – just aim the gun at the enemy , when the enemy – just click evasion : a kind of aqueous Infinity Blade. It’s very simple , and what could be , a bit silly – on the other hand , not the fact that mobile devices and , especially , their specific management would draw full naval battles .

So we have what we have. And there – very, very much. Vast ocean , complete freedom of action , a great opportunity to upgrade the ship , great setting , and – most importantly – this indescribable atmosphere filibustering times.  Get your copy of Assasin’sCreed Pirates here

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