Review: Pebble Portable Battery



Veho accessory brand has several models of laptop battery designed for travel. With the same design you see on these lines, the ranges Verto Pebble, Pebble Pebble Explorer XT and sold in various colors and with capacities of 3,000, 3,700, 5,000 and 8,400 mAh, for a price of between $50 to $100.

The smallest is extremely portable and allows you to fully charge most smartphones. But if you have a terminal of the highest range, or want to load a tablet, it is best to opt for higher capacity models

The Pebble is perfect for parties, camping trips, traveling abroad or as an emergency power pack for busy days when the battery devices simply can not keep up. The Pebble charge almost any portable device connectors / iPhone / iPod Blackberry / most mobile phones (see technical details to the long list of devices) / USB devices charged / Veho MUVI and kuzo range. Just load the Callao via USB and use the various adapters to keep all your mobile devices charged.
The Mini Pebble has the smallest footprint size a new ‘card “credit perfectly portable and comes with 4 points, charging cable and funky neoprene bag to carry all.

All include a carrying case, charging indicator light and connectors for smartphones major brands (for the moment, do not include the last connector Apple: lightning).


If the battery of your mobile you left lying every few minutes, or if not enough for what you need on your travels, the solution is a portable battery. With these accessories you can charge smartphones, tablets, e-Readers, pocket players. These are among the the best Android and iPhone accessories.

In addition to laptop batteries with this design, manufactures Veho others with very different designs, from designs for tablet with built-up batteries to carry on your key ring battery, all arranged for smartphones and, at best, tablets.

And, with a capacity of 8400 mAh, battery Pebble lets you load multiple devices at once.. This model has a similar design to the first and although it is a little bigger, still has a flattened shape for easy transport.

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