Review roundup of Microsoft Surface RT


Microsoft Surface RT

Technical analysts leading publications in the last few days were able to test the Surface – the first mass of Microsoft Surface RT tablet round up. Their feedback on the device will be very diverse, CNews offers a selection of the most interesting.

Seattle Times

Surface – a demonstration of the power of Microsoft and the PC industry, which in recent years has been greatly discredited by the media, investors and consumers who love Apple. I believe, Microsoft Surface will be a good choice, especially for people who have not bought a tablet Apple, Google and At a price of $ 499 for a model with 32 GB of memory and a pre-installed Microsoft Office 2013 Surface favorably with the iPad, the price of which starts at $ 599, and that does not have MS Office.

Surface impression of a strong and solid product. He’s a little heavier and “thicker» iPad. One charge enough for my Surface-time, during which he, in particular, to stream video to a TV via HDMI-cable. Also, I read it the news during the morning coffee and evening in bed.

An important factor for many consumers is to choose tablet apps, and despite the fact that 275,000 applications written for the iPad, often overlapping, 10,000 applications for Windows 8 still look remarkably poor. Thus, for the Surface There are no special applications Facebook and Twitter, but you can use the browser. No Angry Birds. The biggest shock is the lack of solitaire Microsoft Solitaire, which does not work on Windows RT.

The Wired

Misrosoft Surface – quite an interesting device. He is a hybrid, or a desktop or mobile device. He catches only Wi-Fi, and it does not use the common application Windows. But the Surface can be used as a single computer, which can not be said for the iPad or tablets on Android. If you only need Microsoft Office, Internet and e-mail, Surface would do well.

The Verge

Surface looks very good when you hold it in your hands, but it is too large. In comparison with the iPad or Nexus 7 tablet seems huge and heavy, despite the fact that the thickness and weight of the Surface and iPad are almost identical. Almost every application that it launches, at least once hung in the test, and it was as third-party developers, and custom applications Microsoft. If this product is the future of Microsoft and Windows, why I’m so disappointed after using it?


At the request of journalists Gizmodo, «long no one gadget did not disappoint as much as Surface». The tablet has great potential, but not worth the money. All claims to the Microsoft hardware excellence and revolutionary changes in the software destroyed a huge number of shortcomings. Microsoft has managed to collect in Surface worst of both worlds.

If you want to use the Surface RT as a laptop touchpad will disappoint. Its integrated mobile keyboard worse Bluetooth-keyboard, which you can buy for the iPad. It can be printed only very slowly. If I were writing this report with Surface, I would have done this week.

The main disappointment Surface – is a Windows RT. This OS is difficult to distinguish from Windows 8, but the difference will be noticeable in use. Windows RT less powerful, slower, less functional and less elaborate.

The New York Times

Microsoft Surface hardware is delighted, but disappointing. Windows RT has been very incomplete version of Windows. The gadget comes with trial versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but can not run any of the usual programs for Windows. Windows RT requires a completely new applications that are available only in the store Windows App, which gives too much choice. There’s no Angry Birds, Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, Draw Something and the New York Times. In the U.S., 3500 is available for applications Windows RT, many of which are raw or bad.

And that’s not all the disadvantages Windows RT. It mass of small defects. For example, there is no speech recognition applications and folders, when you need on-screen keyboard, it does not always appear. In Word constantly pops up a message that he was “not enough memory or disk space.”


Costs from $499 to Microsoft Floor RT put the pill in a single product class deals Apple, Asus and different providers. But when the merchandise are used for content material consumption, Microsoft Floor is addressed to customers who wish to use it to do the work.

Alternatively, simply within the consumption of content material and play Floor shedding rivals. He desires extra exciting purposes and video games, and naturally they’ll, however when it occurs, just isn’t identified. If it occurs fast, patrons Floor may not be disenchanted. If Home windows RT functions market will develop slowly, and don’t be stuffed throughout the subsequent six months, it’s best to chorus from shopping for.

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