A little more than three years ago, Samsung released on seemingly formed smartphone market something very strange. It was the first in the world planshetofon Galaxy Note c huge by the standards of 2011 screen, which was destined to change the mobile market. During this time, the smartphone had three powerfully upgraded, but was never able to get serious competitors. Only in September this year in this niche suddenly rushed locomotive, Apple with its iPhone 6 Plus. It’s time to talk about the most advanced hybrid smartphone and tablet and compare it with a young, but already excellent sale “plus”.


Everything you wanted to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus will be briefly written in a couple paragraphs. Firstly, the Galaxy Note 4 screen has a  high resolution of diagonal 5.7-inch. This Quad HD, i.e., 1440 to 2560 pixels. The iPhone 6 Plus uses IPS-matrix 1080 to 1920 pixels, but the difference between them can be seen only under very careful comparison. Fonts look a bit smoother in the Korean smartphone affects crazy ppi value at 551 pixels per inch.


What is immediately noticeable, so it’s a sane amount of RAM in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Then her whole 3 GB, while the iPhone 6 Plus only 1 GB. Yes, optimization iOS iPhone 8 under iron works wonders, but somehow when you reload the browser to open the page of the past can be reloaded. In Note 4, I did not notice it at his horse’s screen, which simply must devour the resources of Android-smartphone.


Another important point – the ability to control your smartphone with one hand. In this direction, Samsung has done a great job, while the iPhone 6 Plus there is only one ambiguous function Reachability. In Note 4 There are special buttons that move the various elements of the interface under the right or left hand with one tapa on the screen, as well as interesting small screen mode. One short swipe from the edge of the screen and the image to the size of 4-inch screen and the screen is already so you can use one hand.


In general, talking about the difference Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus can be long. Still, the system is fundamentally different approach to the user interface , which differs from Apple and Samsung dramatically.

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