Revision of a patent dispute between Samsung and Apple could increase the final amount of the payment



In early March, judge Lucy Koh has reduced the 1 billion judgment against Samsung by 40 percent in order to reconsider the appropriate sum again. Now Apple could still get more money than originally thought!
It was a major setback for the iKonzern: Supervisors to Judge Lucy Koh shortened after a complaint that Samsung’s 1 billion verdict of August. $ 450 million had to be temporarily removed, as this sum is composed. In quantifying damages from 14 of the 28 items that were included in the patent dispute, the jury was wrong. A new process should be clarified in the coming months, the actual sum.

When it became known that the Sum of payments in the dispute between Apple and Samsung is reduced to 598.9 million dollars, as the court came to the need to reconsider the case in respect of the products appearing in it, some took it as a victory for Samsung. Meanwhile, not so simple. The revision of the original amount, equal to 1.05 billion dollars, may be reduced, but it can also increase .
According to the source, in a recent address to the court Samsung openly confirmed the likelihood that the final payment amount may be higher than the original one.
New trial for 14 products out of 28, appearing in the suit. As we know, Apple wants to quickly get from Samsung $ 600 million, without waiting for further consideration of the case. It is interesting that Samsung is interested in that, in respect of the first part (600 million dollars) was made a partial award. The fact is that it would allow South Korean companies to appeal and request a review of the decision. While there is no solution, this possibility either. In turn, the appeal is not only important that the final decision may be more favorable for the Samsung, but the fact that until the appeal judge will defer its decision on the second part of the case, and Samsung will be able to request an appeal of his association with the already pending Consideration of appeals Apple, filed in response to the judge’s decision to reject the claim Apple ban U.S. sales of smartphones Samsung. Thus, we managed to drag out the issue with the ban in the hope that in time you input will lose relevance for Samsung to natural causes related to the updating of assortment.

But now Samsung admits in a document saying that Apple in the revised results still could get more money. Has discovered the document Florian Mueller of Foss patent. A new jury on the advice of the 14 products and do not have, drawing upon the knowledge of the old. So they should sift further patent infringement, Apple eventually would get more than $ 1.05 billion. However, it is still possible that Samsung by skilful action expresses total. The decision will be made in the coming weeks.

Image: The “thirteen-03-29 Samsung Reply in Give a boost to of Partial Remaining Judgment”
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