Ride a self-driving Uber in Pittsburgh starting today


uber self driving car

As expected, Uber launched its autonomous vehicles on the roads of Pittsburgh. So we thought that the vehicles concerned were the Volvo XC90 SUV, it is ultimately the Ford Fusion modified for the occasion.

If there is no driver, can we still talk about Transport vehicle with driver (VTC)? Uber, the US company, launched yesterday in Pittsburgh, a rental service of autonomous cars. The 2.6 million inhabitants of the city of Pennsylvania will be able to share the four autonomous vehicles (Ford Fusion) launched the lease, while twelve more vehicles would arrive quickly.

For now, the vehicles are not as autonomous as that. Or at least, Uber redoubled vigilance and installs a driver “relief” to the front of vehicles.

Ford Fusion Uber ships with a slew of technologies to analyze the environment and driving alone. There are seven such detection camera lights, a radar system that detects different weather conditions with 20 laser beams that generate a continuous 360 degree map in 3D environment.

For the automaker, this is the opportunity to test the vehicles in real time and round the clock, while ensuring the blow thanks to “safe drivers.” The brand wants to launch its own independent effect VTC service by 2021.

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