Accordant to Deadline is, the production company of the famous director Ridley Scott has signed an agreement with Apple TV+ Productions.

Scott’s portfolio includes hugely successful films such as Top Gun and The Martian and series such as Amazon Prime Video’s Man in the High Castle, but the relationship between Apple and Scott dates back several decades. Ridley Scott directed the iconic 1984 advertising campaign used by Apple for the launch of the first Macintosh.

With this deal, Scott Free Productions will work on new television programs for the first time and launch exclusive projects for Apple. Apple can then decide to order the project in series on Apple TV+ or decide to “leave it” to other networks and streaming services. The production company has already earned several awards in 25 years and is already planning new series for Disney + and HBO Max.

Apple is slowly making several agreements in the sector for the production of original contents that will expand the Apple TV+ catalog in the coming years, among which we find those signed with Alfonso Cuaron, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Lee Eisenberg, Oprah Winfrey, Alena Smith, Kerry Ehrin and others. These agreements are very important for Apple, given that its streaming service cannot boast a previous catalog, as happens with Disney+, but in this way, the company can try to increase the total number of new titles arriving on Apple TV+


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