RIM expands anti-iPhone marketing campaign with commercials and web site


BlackBerry maker RIM recently organized a protest action at the Apple Store in Sydney with the message 'Wake Up'. Shortly after Samsung was thought that the protest was, but it turned out to RIM to go. The BlackBerry maker, the campaign has now expanded with a series of advertisements in Australian newspapers and a website . The message "you do not just think different, you do different" is directly aimed at Apple users. 

The campaign explains how business has changed and that it no longer comes to people who wear suits and 
cubicles work. The campaign does not explain how it has evolved RIM. It also does not link to the products that RIM sells.

According to RIM, you are in business "if you take action and things can happen. But that is of course fine with an iPhoneIn the U.S. steps more and more businesses to other BlackBerry smartphones, the iPhone as a favorite. In November 2011, research from iPass that the iPhone for the first time the BlackBerry has overtaken as the most popular business phone. Apple announced last year that 93% of Fortune 500 companies the iPad use or testing, and that number is 60% for the iPhone. The industry has indeed changed, but the question is whether BlackBerry provides an answer to.


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