The pill of RIM is the one good thing about QNX, a cell running machine discovered persuasive by using the primary customers. His formative years shouldn’t be with out its issues, then again: the native purposes are on hand and only a few to this point, and RIM has but to persuade builders to focal point on its platform.


Evidence of this lack of applications, the playbook is delivered without mail client or contact manager, calendar or natively. The Canadian manufacturer has promised they would come later, but meanwhile the only solution is to have a BlackBerry and use the "BlackBerry Bridge. The solution is to connect the tablet to a smartphone by RIM a Bluetooth link and access this from the playbook wide screen data stored on the phone.


Solution a little far-fetched and which poses a problem in the United States.Blackberry Bridge also share the 3G connection and offers the smartphone to the Tablet an Internet connection at no extra cost, in the manner of connection sharing of iPhone. Connection Sharing which is not free from AT & T (with an iPhone, take 4 GB of data per month to qualify), which probably explains blocking BlackBerry Bridge in the operator.

AT&T has reported working on a solution with RIM to enable BlackBerry Bridge to its subscribers, it is assumed fee. This disadvantage is still troublesome for RIM, which deprives his shelf of a large proportion of its potential customers. One wonders what will happen in France, where the ICS is also charged by providers …

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