Roku Announces 4K HDR Streaming Stick and More



The 4K competition in the multimedia centers has finally started. After Amazon announces last week about the release of its Fire TV with HDR support, Roku  has today announced the release of its 4K streaming stick, the same one that had been anticipated a week ago.

Roku’s Streaming Stick Plus costs $70 and brings support for 4K and HDR, plus a wider wireless range than previous models. The stick comes with a revamped remote control that now allows you to use voice commands.

Roku also updated 5 of its streaming TV products, now the majority with better processors than the old models. Roku’s low launch product price threatens the new Apple TV, which offers 4K and HDR support but starts at $179. Despite this however the new Amazon device, Fire TV, which also supports the 4K and HDR.

But Roku, who has been in the market for 15 years, but only last week has been listed on the stock market, has always argued that the multitude of channels and the agnostic approach to content make the real difference with other brands. Unlike Apple TV and Amazon, Roku does not have a platform and does not produce content, so it has to prioritize channels or broadcasters like HBO Go and Hulu. Roku also expanded its offer by offering more than 5000 streaming channels on all of its devices, making it extremely open to all users’ tastes.

Roku also announced a new operating system: the Rokus OS 8. There are a couple of shortcuts for video access but the most interesting novelty is how the operating system integrates with the features of a wireless TV ( Roku wants to capitalize on the growing number of Wi-Fi connected TVs).

So, when you search for programs like This Is Us, both the results, both in streaming and live TV, will appear on the same screen. In recent years, Roku has developed private listening, which allows you to connect headphones to the remote control or smartphone to listen to what you are seeing. Now with OS 8, this feature will also be available for wireless TVs.

US_Roku_Product-Family-Lineup_wbox_Horiz_300dpiRoku is also adding access to paid channels, which are currently about thirty. This feature was introduced by Apple in 2016, with the release of iOS 10 and tvOS 10. Roku OS 8 is a free upgrade. It should go out with new products and TV sets (such as Roky TCL TV) between October and November. However, some older devices will not support the upgrade.. After this announcement of Roku, all competitors of the new Apple TV, Roku and Fire TV seem much more convenient in terms of price.

(Source: Roku)

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