Whereas rumors a couple of new iPhone every day as we grow a possible showdown approaching, coming website BGR with news about the current generation iPhone. News that sometimes can affect the iPhone 5. Deeply ensconced in an internal test version of iOS from a mobile operator is in fact support the 4G LTE network detected.Already distributed telecom network in America makes it possible to increase the internet speed when your phone uses less battery power.


The support was found in the property list (. Plist) of the internal iOS version. This file is usually the basic settings in your phone memory, not so fast that they lost.

It is now mainly in America there 4G network supports more bandwidth, which makes for faster access. In addition, the equipment to connect with generally more economical than the 3G antennas, which allows for longer battery life.

The discovery does not necessarily mean that the iPhone 4G comes four supports. With the number of rumors that circulate about the iPhone in May, it seems that Apple still too strong an opinion that only an iPhone 4 supports a new network. It could just mean that the iPhone 5 will use 4G LTE. Earlier this month, The Guardian wrote that the iPhone is 5 to several providers was on his way to be tested.

4G providers would probably motivate the 4G network in the Netherlands, faster to deploy.We can at the moment because not using it.


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