Rumor: Apple supposedly has been working on its own GPU for years


A9 chip

A series of SoC’s from Apple is found in the latest version of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus,  is a processor designed by the company that directs Tim Cook and then are responsible for making other companies, ESL A9 as this year has been manufactured by TSMC and Samsung. But according to a recent rumor from Fudzilla, citing its own sources, the Cupertino have not only been designing their processors, if not for years have been working to create its own GPU (graphics processing unit).

One of the reasons why iPhones work so well is that Apple designs many of its components. Currently, the GPU from Imagination creates Tehcnologies iPhones and Apple had in mind to reduce its dependence on the British company. Moreover, although it is something they do not mention anywhere seems to me something that is important, it would allow the Cupertino reduce design costs and Apple who would decide who would build their GPU


Apple would have a definite advantage in the market of smartphones and tablets, as they may soon increase profit margins. Obviously, Apple should be able to create a GPU that meets its quality standards, but it is not an easy job as Samsung, for example, has for several years trying in vain to create their own graphics processor

Although it is not easy, if something Apple has shown is that they are capable of designing anything, and are good examples the Touch ID, or co-movement series of M processor. Developing a GPU is a matter of years but if this rumor ends confirmed, Apple already has time preparing to include your own graphics processing unit on any device, so you might have heard from before than we think, but it’s not too likely.

Another company that is rumored to also working to create its own GPU’s Samsung, but also seems to have to wait to see it on any device. Koreans have been focused on their own processors and will soon see the results in the 8890 Exynos SoC. Currently, Apple uses different chips developed by Imagination Technologies PowerVR graphics.

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