The Jap web site Macotakara gets regularly with new rumors, without us they can catch on a good track record . We have the latest rumor for info and a grain of salt present: Apple was working on a new IOS device, equipped with a 5-inch screen retina. The unit on the market in 2013, claiming the Japanese, who rely on a Chinese source. The mysterious new product has a resolution of 1280 x 960 or 1600 x 960 pixels.


Apple could work with LCD manufacturers to develop the new device. It can be an oversized iPod touch, or a smaller version of the iPad. But it would also be a completely different device.Recently there was a rumor that Apple's next generation iPhone has a 4.6-inch screen retina that gets a lot bigger than the current 3.5-inch screen. It is then unclear whether informants parroting each other or rely on genuinely new information. Well there are several indications that Apple has been experimenting with various screen formats, including 7-inch, 7.85-inch and 8-inch. However, this does not mean that any prototypes that are circulating and are seen by informants, actually on the market.

Past successes and failures of Macotakara: the iPhone 5, in January 2012 , manufacturers are working on 4-inch screens iOS , next iPod touch gets 3D screen and iPhone 5 comes in September or October 2011. All wrong, except the last prediction that the site is only the name iPhone 5 had guessed wrong.


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