Rumor: employees working on iPhone 5 Screen [Photo]


The working folks within the image lay a hand on the monitor of the iPhone 5 in a-Wintek factory.Claiming at least one micro-blogger Sina , a Chinese version of Twitter. If you look closely at the picture (after the click in the large), you see that the housing of the phone more room for the home button on the iPhone. This is consistent with earlier reports that the button is actually wider and even touch-sensitive, so you can swipe the button between active applications.



The staff wear caps to his mouth and some have an even larger portion of their faces wrapped with a cap underneath. They also wear protective suits. According to the website MicGadget are even rumors that the factory management cameras in the room hung the health of workers in the monitor.

This is relevant information because the task of the factory workers in China Wintek run, checking or cleaning the touch screen component of the iPhone includes. In this operation were members of Wintek previously exposed to the toxin-N Hexaam and there are a few of them became sickIt is not known whether the substance is still used.

Besides the larger home button seems also that the image of the iPhone is slightly larger than that of the iPhone 4. Nevertheless, there we report that this message falls under the category of rumor. Nobody can confirm if indeed the iPhone 5, which these workers to lay the hand.


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