In case you imagine a hint code (see under) not too long ago found out within the newest firmware of the iPhone iOS four, it seems that the performance FaceTime is doomed to quickly advise talks via videoconference to a few individuals, see .


This feature could, for example, take full advantage of the next generation of iPad – featuring a wide screen – which notably includes a front camera. Aim for the Cupertino? Orient its product "more business" like the future of Blackberry playbook. In addition, Skype has recently updated its application and video conferencing allows up to 5 people.

This is just a possibility, rumor, but could be true since Android 3.0 will Gingerbread main feature native support for video calls, with the possibility of group in the Tablets.

<key> AllowsMultipleConnections </ key> <false/>

/ System / Library / PrivateFrameworks / IMCore.framework / / PlugIns / FaceTime.imservice / ServiceProperties.plist


IOS devices currently available, iPhone Touch 4/iPod 4, have a small screen that might limit this feature. However, this does not happen with the iPad2 or perhaps in the iOS 4.2 is announced integration with Apple TV …


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