Bloomberg After three days ago, it was the turn of the very serious Wall Street Journal to discuss the possible launch of an iPhone "nano" in its more compact size  

A source told the newspaper he saw a prototype of the new model – codenamed N97 (Nokia hello!) – Several months ago. Its dimensions would be " about half as big "as the iPhone 4.


It would have sold half-price operators, alongside the usual range of iPhone. A tariff that would allow operators to subsidize almost entirely or entirely, from sowing discord among the price offers floor that slowly evolved without Apple.

But between the increased presence of Android on the entry level and recent example of HP with its Palm Veer, becomes a bit more credible.

It can also be speculated that Apple is spending a few messages via the Wall Street Journal – who does this kind of topics that when some "cookies" – to make clear it will not allow the entry-level competitors. And it opens tomorrow while the Mobile World Congress where Apple does not participate, but will nonetheless be well represented …

Other info given by the site, Apple would consider a major overhaul of MobileMe.Track " explored "would make the service free, it would" deposit "to store your photos and home videos, making it less necessary to have devices with very large storage space.

It makes sense for users of the iPhone and iPad and iPhone with this mini storage capacity will certainly be proportional, but by extension we also think that Apple laptop users grows increasingly to the use of SSD  

Steve Jobs would closely monitor developments in this new MobileMe and the new range of iPhone reports the Wall Street Journal. Their joint launch could take place this summer, but the date is not carved in stone.

The Wall Street Journal has completed his book with further details . This new iPhone is significantly smaller lighter and thinner than the iPhone 4. It would have a touch screen covering its entire width, edge to edge.The virtual keyboard would remain as with its big brother voice navigation.Meanwhile Apple plans to update its iPhone 4, but the Wall Street Journal does not specify the scope of this review.

Regarding the new service file storage and music-backed MobileMe, it might be available in June if negotiations with record companies, who have started, do not brake things further. Normally this service should start in summer 2010 explains, the Wall Street Journal. Through this, we access its iTunes library stored in the cloud rather than having to copy it on his camera. A function that should be open to iPhone 4.

Presumably the pieces already purchased on iTunes are not an issue to be legible streaming, Apple will make the correspondence between your library and these titles available on iTunes. But he may stumble negotiations especially on songs that were ripped from CDs or purchased on P2P networks. In this case, the user can also have you it in streaming?

This diversification of MobileMe to the music of new features would be completed around social networks.

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